Every time I think of starting something new, I am so afraid of failure. Self-doubt is a consuming thing, but I’m learning more and more everyday that I can live fearlessly!

I have always dreamed of having a health + fitness related job, but I never thought it would be possible because that’s not what I studied in school. But guess what? God’s plans + His timing are not bound by anything!

I’ve looked for jobs but nothing seemed right or I was over-qualified for anything I wanted. One day I found someone who was so inspiring and doing exactly what I wanted to be doing and now I get to be apart of her team! 

I get to be a health + fitness coach and connect with women all over the world that share my same passion for helping others see their potential & reach their goals!

I’m so excited to start my first online boot camp on February 13th + connect with people who are in constant community and encouragement! If you need an accountability partner or encouragement to keep up those New Years goals, I would love to invite you to join this boot camp with me!

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