If Today Was Your Last Day

I have been fortunate enough to not have suffered the loss of a family member, aside from my grandma, but I was so young that I don’t remember it.

I do know what its like to ALMOST have lost my mom and dad, and that alone broke me.
But to actually lose a family member, I can’t even imagine what that feels like.

In the past few years, I have lost many friends and acquaintances though.
People my age, who are supposed to be living long lives, are being taken too soon.
And I just don’t understand it.

I know death is inevitable, the only certain in this life is death. But why am I being surrounded by so much of it at such a young age.

I just ask God why them? What makes me different from them? Why did they deserve to go and I get to live this life?

These are things I can’t understand, and are completely mind-boggling to me.

I don’t know if they fulfilled their purpose in life, or why they had to go.
All I know is that it hurts, it hurts everyone around them.
It’s a pain that no one can ever prepare for.

So again I ask God, what am I supposed to be doing to make every day count?
To make sure that I am the person I want to be when my time comes.
We are not promised tomorrow, so how can we live each day with purpose.
How can we love harder, be kinder, show more grace and forgiveness, help others and truly live each day like the last.

My heart goes out to all the family and friends of people that have had to endure this pain and suffering of the loss of a loved one, especially of people who still had so much life left and were taken suddenly.

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