Why You Wanna Show up in a Old T-Shirt That I Love

Have you ever felt convicted by something, but try to ignore it, and its just like “nope, I’m not going anywhere until you do that thing you don’t wanna do…”

I was doing laundry and as I was folding my t-shirts, I realized that half of my t-shirts, weren’t mine to begin with. I borrowed {and never returned, hehe} many of them from friends or family. But there were some I had gotten from guys. Guys in my past who had no place in my future.

As part of preparing my heart for my future husband, I have been focusing on de-clutterting my life and my heart. Ridding my life of things that bring me into the past and don’t push me towards a better future. Things that should no longer be given the time of day.

This is the stack of t-shirts I felt convicted to part with. It wasn’t hard in the sense that I still wanted these guys in my life, it was hard because most of them had become favorite, comfy t-shirts. They didn’t hold sentimental value anymore, and I didn’t think having them was causing any harm. But then again, what good are they doing me? Constant reminders of guys who never valued me or saw my worth. Guys who didn’t want any part of my future. So why was I still letting them be a part of it.

It wouldn’t make sense to one day have to explain that this shirt is just from some guy that doesn’t matter, to my future husband. Why not just rid myself of all of it now, no matter how comfy.

This is more than just a t-shirt conviction. We often keep things around in our life that isn’t doing us any good, just because it also isn’t causing us any harm. If something isn’t bettering you or pushing you towards your future, it is hindering you.

Every once in a while we all need to take a step back, look at our life, look inside our hearts and even look inside our physical homes.

Question everything.

Question whether it is furthering you in any way, or is just a comfy, old t-shirt you’re too lazy to part with.




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